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The origin of Portomus goes back 10 years in time and was a collaboration between researchers at Chalmers university of technology and some enthusiasts from the logistic world. We saw an opportunity to improve and simplify distribution for companies by utilizing and optimizing domestic and international postal- and freight contracts.


"Portomus shall offer great savings in both cost and time on each distribution, national as well as international. This is enabled by the unique combination of a cutting-edge optimization software, a wide portfolio of distribution agreements and great logistical expertise"


Together we built an advanced optimization software, supported by a diverse portfolio of distribution contracts based on years of industry knowledge. This is why Portomus can find the best solution for any given set of requirements. During 2016 Portomus has been called a "G-Lab21 future company 2016"- a hotlist of the growing companies in the Gothenburg region for the next five years. Which suggest a bright future for Portomus.

What is postage optimisation?

Postage optimisation implies that a postal distribution is run through a system that holds multiple distribution options and finds the best match for each destination, format, weight and/or service, in this way the routing can be optimised and the cost can often be reduced significantly.
Additional savings can be made in the time spent from requesting quotes from suppliers, comparing them with each other in order to find the best overall price. This is often a quicker and more efficient way of reducing cost of a distribution than just looking at the cost of producing the mailing it selves.

How come Portomus is cheaper than Post Offices?

Portomus is a lean and efficient company that runs the business very cost effective. We are curious and are constantly looking to find new ways to be able to offer smarter ways of distribution mail and parcels. Our success is our customers' benefit!



Jonas has great experience of startup companies, both as founder and owner but especially in the role of CEO for the Chalmers University of Technology ownd business incubator, Encubator AB. He has earlier also worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Jonas contribution to Portomus come from knowledge in business development och financing, which also is his main area of business.

Was CEO at the print distributor StroedeRalton for 15 years. Has in his later years been involved in a couple startups, e.g. Nimbell Motors. Stellan has not only a solid competence, he also has a great knowledge of the bransch and a broad network of contacts, that both opens doors to the big operators and potential clients. Stellans main area of business is sales and marketing.

Jan has through 20 years of experience from the Nordic CRM solutions been used to dealing with large Nordic mail flows. One of the creators of Portomus by his former involvement in e-logistics. In recent years it has established and developed 3PL companies with particular focus on e-commerce. Worked with flows as Nelly, web, Brandos and many more.

Urban was formerly CEO of MHI AB for seven years and previously Regional Manager for Spring Global Mail for 3 years. Previously Urban held various senior positions in the Netherlands and Portugal for over 20 years.
Urban has a great knowledge and experience in the postal industry. Urban's responsibility is to negotiate agreements
with postal operators , Portomus ongoing obligations to
customers but will also work a large portion on sales.

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Management and Logistics. Business Developer, CFO at Smooth Internet Group and Co-founder at Bull Investment Group

Bachelor's degree in Industrial Management and logistics. Business developer, Sales Manager for SMIG AB and CEO and co-founder of Bull Investment Group AB.